Why we started.

Tenderloin Ventures was started by CĂ©dric Waldburger and Fabian Villiger in 2013. While CĂ©dric was involved in technology startups in Berlin, New York and Hong Kong, he saw how beneficial it was for companies to have investors who not only contributed money but also their time and knowledge. CĂ©dric is passionate about the process of going from „just an idea“ to „1 Million“ – whether it’s a Million USD in revenue, a Million users or a Million packages shipped – and saw Tenderloin as a great opportunity to contribute value to startups and also learn and deconstruct this process.

Tenderloin Ventures was born with the idea to invest in and work with 10 startups. As the portfolio grew, so did the appetite to launch their own ideas. At the beginning of 2017, they decided to launch Tenderloin Labs which incubates ideas.